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Furr Ever Pets Rescue (FEPR) is a group of animal lovers that was created to help the pets. It is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit business and is based in Longview, TX

FEPR was started in 2014 by a group of volunteers to help homeless dogs in Northeast Texas. It does intervene, particularly in the Longview area, on stray animals or when owners are unable to keep a dog. Often these pets are so grief stricken they are making themselves sick and we have to get them grounded and emotionally and physically well again. Donations is optional, but will be appreciated.

FEPR provides appropriate veterinary care and foster these pets until they are adopted. Our pets hopes to find their FurrEver homes with advertising and adoption events on week-end at locations such as Wet Pets N Critters in Longview.

We are not a public intake and operate all with Foster homes.

Please review our brochure Saving Pets One Paw at a Time. See also our videos Saving Grace, Sophia's Indomitable Spirit and Woman who rescues dogs, loses personal dog

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You can contact us for more information.